Network Members

Developing World Connections

Developing World Connections provides International Volunteer Experiences in thirteen countries in the developing world. We are a grassroots, registered non-profit and Canadian charitable organization with no professional, political, or religious affiliation. Since 2005, we have sent almost 2000 volunteers to work on sustainable, infrastructure based projects in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

World Neighbours Canada

World Neighbours Canada is an international organization that supports community initiatives to alleviate hunger, disease and poverty in Asia, Africa & Latin America. We support local organizations that share some basic principles:

•build on traditional knowledge and values to help people to analyze and solve problems.
•encourage and train local leaders and organizations.
•rooted in the tradition of neighbour helping neighbour.

World Neighbours Canada is operated by volunteers who work out of their own homes. Our overhead costs are very low, and all individual donations are sent to field programs. World Neighbours Canada Society was founded in B.C. in 1989.

Kamloops CanGo Grannies

The Kamloops CanGo Grannies began in the spring of 2004 after hearing an impassioned speech at Thompson Rivers University by Stephen Lewis, then the UN Advisor for HIV/AIDS in Africa. In response to Mr. Lewis’s request for ideas on finding ways to ease the pain of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, several Kamloops women got together and decided that they could raise some money to assist the valiant African grandmothers struggling to feed, clothe, shelter and provide education for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. The Kamloops Grannies were one of the first groups in Canada to dedicate all of their efforts to the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) and were in the forefront of a Granny fund-raising movement that now numbers over 250 groups across Canada.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation created the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in 2006 which supports fund-raising and distributes the money to grassroots projects in 15 subSaharan  African countries. Thanks to the diligence of SLF field workers, these projects are developed to be self-sustaining and truly are “helping to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa”.

In addition to fundraising, the Kamloops Grannies also raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa through speaking engagements and interviews in Kamloops, and by the provision of information and assistance to grannies in other Canadian Communities to develop new Granny pods. The CanGo Grannies received the Kamloops YM/YWCA Peace Medal in 2007 and the Rosemary Brown Award in 2009.

Global Solidarity Group

Global Solidarity Group

The Global Solidarity Group (GSG) is a membership based non-profit organization and registered society. It was founded by five concerned global citizens from Kamloops in the fall of 2010.

The GSG’s vision: We envision a more just, equitable and peaceful world where its people live sustainably, in harmony and in solidarity with themselves, others and our planet. 

The GSG exists to fulfill 3 primary purposes:

  • Provide financial, technical and volunteer support to sustainable development projects in developing countries.
  • Promote global awareness around issues of international development.
  • Facilitate exchange and multi-sector involvement and cooperation between the global north and south for the purpose of sustainable development.

The GSG’s mission, simply put, is to help people by connecting people. The GSG seeks to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships across sectors in the global north and south, serving to support sustainable development. The GSG also serves to raise awareness around issues of development, with its core function of connecting people and organizations (i.e. clubs, businesses, schools, families, etc). The GSG connects people from various sectors in the north so they may exchange and work with other sectors in the south to support sustainable development projects and processes relevant to each other.

The GSG is not a development organization and does not administer large scale development projects, leaving this crucial work to the communities, organizations and development professionals its serves. The GSG is an effective connector and vehicle through which the grassroots, businesses and organizations can get involved to support sustainable development.


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