Advisory Committee Members

Sarah Johnstone, KGAN Regional Coordinator

“From the short time I’ve lived in Kamloops, I’ve noticed how involved the community with regards to local and global issues. It’s important for us to all work together to help bring about a sustainable future both here at home and around the world.”

Sarah is KGAN’s regional coordinator who organizes meetings and events, and communicates with the BCCIC, advisory committee members, network members, and the general public. She is also the communications coordinator at Developing World Connections.

Wayne McRann, Developing World Connections

“I believe there are many organizations in Kamloops who could benefit from working together. We need to share ideas on how we can shift from aid effectiveness to development effectiveness in the global community.”

Wayne is the president and founder of Developing World Connections, a local non-profit organization that offers the opportunity to help communities in the developing world through international volunteer experiences. He strongly believes in offering sustainable, community-led volunteer projects abroad and applies the Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness Principles to guide the work and practices at DWC.

Bruce Petch, World Neighbours 

“There are many organizations and individuals in Kamloops doing interesting things in international development. I hope the network we are setting up will provide the opportunity for sharing of ideas and experiences. It will also help to make our friends and neighbours aware of effective ways of supporting disadvantaged people in other countries to solve their own problems.”

Bruce Petch is the president of World Neighbours Canada, an organization based in the B.C. interior. World Neighbours Canada supports local organizations in Nepal, Honduras and Burkina Faso, focusing on community-based programs in sustainable food production and family health. Bruce has been an active board member and volunteer with World Neighbours for the past 18 years since returning from development work in Southeast Asia.

Amy Baskin, T
ogether Works

Amy Baskin wears many hats in the Kamloops community. Not only is she heavily involved with the local arts community, she is also the president of Together Works, a non-profit doing sustainable development work in Nicaragua. Amy has also had previous contract work with the BCCIC, creating a youth engagement performance about the Millenium Development Goals (MGDs). Amy is an individual member of the BCCIC.

Ashley Ekelund

Ashley EkelundAshley is a Kamloops native who has recently returned to the city after years of studying and working abroad. With an education in International Relations and Global Development, she has a passion for international service as well as a commitment to making change from home. She has worked with many local non-profits such as the Kamloops Immigrant Services, the Kamloops MS Society, and numerous Kamloops Rotary clubs. Ashley is a strong supporter of international exchange and awareness, particularly in regards to students and youth.


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