About Us

The Kamloops Global Awareness Network was formed in late 2011 by individuals and organizations affiliated with the BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC). The BCCIC is a coalition of individuals and non-government organizations working to achieve sustainable human development. We are an independently operated regional network of the BCCIC.

We do not charge fees for involvement with our network; instead, we are funded by the Government of Canada, through the development side of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD).

Our Mission
The purpose of the Global Awareness Network is to support increased capacity of its members, partners, and related groups in Kamloops and its surrounding communities involved with global development issues such as poverty, gender, human rights, environment, social justice, health, and fair trade.

Our Vision
All network members are supported in their international development work and all Kamloops and neighbouring community residents are active and engaged global citizens.

Our Aims
The Global Awareness Network aims to provide regional forums, events and workshops focused on capacity building, networking, and learning, which are delivered in flexible, creative, and innovative ways.

Network Member Services

  • To build and grow relationships with existing BCCIC members and partners while exploring and developing new regional relationships within the context of international development issues.
  • To offer networking and capacity building opportunities in the Kamloops region.
  • To provide a collaborative environment so members can exchange of information on development issues and services.
  • To support International Development Week event(s) and workshops in partnership with members and community partners.

Public Engagement

  • To educate the public about international development and global issues.
  • To increase the profile of our network members with the public and media.
  • To organize and manage a Public Engagement Proposal Fund which will be awarded to an individual or group on a yearly basis.
  • To organize and manage an annual regional Youth Public Engagement Competition including promotion, selection, mentoring, and a professional video documenting the process for social media and website.

BCCIC and Regional Network Engagement

  • Monitor, evaluate, and give information on our programs to the BCCIC in quarterly and annual reports
  • Contribute to the BCCIC’s newsletter, website, social media streams, and annual report
  • Share ideas and strategies with other regional networks and their coordinators
  • Discuss regional needs and opportunities with BCCIC staff

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